Instructors for the Grey-Bruce Ryusei Karate Clubs

Peter Zehr, 6th degree black belt, Renshi (Polished teacher)

Zehr-Sensei, Head instructor for the Wiarton dojo

Peter Zehr started his training in Chito-ryu karate in 1981. He studied in Toronto under Shane Higashi-Sensei until 2002. During this time he also trained with Peter Giffen-Sensei (Barrie Ryusei Karate-Do) and other top instructors. Zehr-Sensei holds the rank of third-degree black belt in Chito-ryu, second degree in the National Karate Association, and is currently a Rokudan (sixth-degree black belt), Renshi (Polished teacher) in Ryusei Karate. Peter also holds a weapons ranking in the Ryukyu Kobujitsu Association of Canada.

Peter began to teach in Grey-Bruce in 1983 and has been involved in dojos in Owen Sound, Chesley, Desboro, Tara, Wiarton and Walkerton. Currently he is the Technical Instructor for Grey-Bruce Ryusei Karate Clubs and the primary Instructor at the Wiarton dojo. Peter enjoys the practical aspects of Ryusei karate and also enjoys tameshiwari (breaking).

Mannerow-Sensei, Head instructor for the Chesley dojo

Matt Mannerow began his karate training at the age of 10 in Chesley, taught by Peter Zehr-Sensei. In 1994 Matt started to train very seriously and has never looked back. He started going to Toronto in 1997 to train under Higashi-Sensei (head of Chito-ryu karate in Canada) and Giffen-Sensei. In 2000 he had the privilege of seeing a demonstration by Sakamoto-Sensei (Sakamoto-Sensei bio), and in 2002 he officially joined Ryusei Karate-do with Peter Zehr-Sensei. Since then he has travelled to Japan three times to study karate and has trained with Sakamoto-Sensei on many occasions.

Mannerow-Sensei started teaching in 1996 at the Chesley dojo, and has opened or helped open clubs in Desboro, Tara, Wiarton and Walkerton.  Currently he is the Chief Instructor for the Grey-Bruce Ryusei Karate Clubs and the primary instructor at the Chesley dojo.

Matt Mannerow, 5th degree black belt, Shihan (master instructor)

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