Grey-Bruce Ryusei Karate-do Price List

Here is a list of the items that are additions to your regular session fee. All items are available to be purchased from or paid to your Sensei. A Gi (uniform) is required before your first grading.

Prices could change without notice.

Ryusei organizational fee paid once a year

  • Children $40.00
  • Adults $45.00
  • Family Rate $125.00 (Kyu Belts Only)
  • Black Belts $55.00

Student gi’s

  • $65.00 Sizes 000 to Size #2
  • $75.00 Sizes #3 and up.

(Higher quality gi’s available talk to Mannerow-Sensei or Zehr-Sensei)


  • Kyu grading fee $30.00 paid at the time of your grading


  • Ryusei Karate-Do Manual $40.00

If you have any questions about our karate prices please speak to Mannerow-Sensei, or Zehr-Sensei